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Friday, October 5, 2007

Humor, with sound and pictures

I surfed to here, from a Robert Scoble post on Twitter, and found this video. Which I thought was pretty funny.

And now here it is for you:

maybe it goes on a bit too long, but I liked it anyway.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


It's the fiftieth anniversary of Sputnick.

Remember when space was cool? When Astronauts were cool? Do kids still like Astronauts? Do we still go into space? Are we exploring anything? (i know we are, but it just doesn't FEEL like it, y'know?)

Where are my permanent space stations shaped like giant wheels? Where the fuck are my moon cities??!! I WANT THE FUCKING JETPACK THAT I WAS PROMISED!!!


Happy 50th to Sputnik and to going where no one had gone before.

I did a thing

We moved into our new home about a year ago (I write those words, and am shocked at how the time flies. Escapes really.) In all that time we have been meaning to replace the seat on the first floor toilet. The previous owners had a toddler who was in the middle of toilet training and they had one of those toddler toilet seat combo thingies. They took that with them when they moved and had put a cheapo plastic seat in it's place, which is fine and no big deal and we were not complaining. But the thing never really fit right and was always a bit loose.

Well, today, this situation was finally rectified with a snug fitting Bemis model 400. Can't go wrong with a Bemis. It's got locking twist off hinges for easy cleaning.

The dude (well no, not that one...) helped me install it:

But he made me use his toy screwdriver, he called the real one:

Fixing the toilet seat 002

Nice of him to help though. Of course right after the installation process was successfully completed, a "Live Fire" test was required:

All systems were fully integrated and functioned within normal parameters. Was nice and comfy too. (please note that I have refrained from making any "bombs away!!" jokes)


While finding links for this article I stumbled across this interesting and frequently disturbing Harper's event index.

Also, go here and have a look around, I was particular intrigued by the barbed wired model.

Anyway, we got a new toilet seat.

One of Those Days

You ever have one of those days were you feel like a giant floating head flying over the harbor and using your laser eye beams to blast away at nothing in particular?

Yeah, me too. Me too.