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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Me in the morning

August 2007 009, originally uploaded by vidsaw.

Oh dear.

Up and ready for another fantastic day.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Toilet Troubles

The toilet in our basement started leaking over the weekend. We have another one on the first floor, so it's not a total catastrophe (yes, I am that fabled rich white guy you have been hearing about, I has TWO TOILETS. TWO.)

I went down to fix the flapper thing in the tank, it was wearing out, and found all sorts of H20 where no H20 should of been. At first I wasn't sure what had happened, and so, following the scientific method, I conducted experiments.

And made things worse, by a considerable amount of water. Water rushing here and water rushing there. Fun fun water.

It made me feel like this:

In the end we got it cleaned up, and no real damage was done. We decided we would wait to call a plumber until after the holiday weekend, and maybe we will find a way to pay for the plumber. Someday.

Terrible Twos

The Dude (well no, not that one...) was having a bad case of the terrible twos today. Generally The Dude is really easy going, but today was a "fussywhinnyunhappynomatterwhatgetawayfrommedaddyday."

It made me feel like this:

But y'know, I love him anyway.