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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Viva La Geek!! part deux

And now I have corrupted my child.

Here's The Dude and his Lightsaber:

Short but sweet.

Having shown him this, The Dude now frequently will pick up any saber like object (stick, bat, etc) and start waving it around and making the humming noise.

Which is AWESOME!

Viva La Geek!!

I don't why I feel compelled to share these, but I do. Here we go with some laser bolt effects tests. I have now added return fire coming at me, one green bolt in front and one behind my head.

Y'know, I've wanted to do shit like this since I was 14 and playing around with a Super 8 movie camera. I never had the ability to do it then, I do now. And it's never too late to be 14 again.

(well, except when it is...but I don't think this is one of those times)

In Honor of Nerd Prom Weekend

It's Nerd Prom time.

I'm not sure I even like that name, I kinda do but...

At this point the whole convention is so, mainstream, actually, what with every media entity making major announcements there. It's still a geeky nerd thing, I guess, particularly when you consider that approaching the average citizen on the street with a charmed gleam in your eye and proclaiming real loud: "DUDE, IT'S COMIC-CON!!!" will probably get you pepper sprayed in the eyeballs. I mean, do it to me and I'll be with you and we can do the happy dance of shared geekdom together. But the average citizen, regular guy (or gal) I don't know.

Still, it seems pretty mainstream. I'm not saying that that's bad, or they've sold out or whatever. It is what it is, there's a light and a dark side, a yin and a yang.

Fuck it, I wish I was there. Fuck me for a bag of donuts but don't I wish I was there.

But what I really wanted to say is: I finally got my copy of The Sinestro Summer Fun Time Happiness Special. Thanks to Scipio for the offer,(go and read him, for he is good) my local shop, Casablanca Comics (Hi Rick!) held me a copy when they got their second shipment in (Thanks Rick!)

So I got it. And I read it. And it was Good.

And the last page give me that "Oh Wow!" feeling that I used to get when I was twelve. I love things still get me like that. I especially love when superhero comics make me feel that, it's like, primal, or something.

I read parts two and three too, and they were fine, but they didn't "Oh Wow" me like the Special did. And you know what I miss? Cuter, less alien Kilowog. But that's a small potatoes

So I got that problem solved, which is nice.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The 80's were awesome...

The 80's were just so awesome that there is no way you can understand unless you were there as a teenager. I don't have the words, so watch this:

How come no one wears sweatshirts with the cut out collar? That's bitchin'. I'm not even kidding. And that part with the airplane? Totally wicked.

God I'm old.

Seriously though, The Go-Go's are fucking great. You can't argue 'cause it's true.

Full Effect Nerd Part Deux

I like superhero comics. Love 'em. (so there, ppphhtt!) And this will probably only make sense to another superhero comic reader. The rest of you, this may sound foreign and strange. But I don't care, the internets is big and I wanna fill my corner of it with my useless crap. (Again, ppphhhttt!)

I really want to read The Sinestro Summer of Love Fun Time Happy Day special. But that sucker is sold out everywhere I look. I got part 2. Don't wanna read it yet, wanna read part 1. I don't got part 1, can't find it anywhere. Wanna read part 2 after I read part 1. So you see my problem, yes? Simple but unsolvable. I'll get it soon, it really only is just a comic book, and I'll live a happy and full life, but still.

It's gotten good reviews, good word of mouth. Particularly from this guy and his friends. Big fan of his and all the blogs he links to. And I have been desperately avoiding all spoilerage while carefully, ever so carefully, poking around the comics blogosphere and podosphere(? is that a word, can we say it is? Wouldn't it be handy?)

Until I accidentally hit this

Well hell.

I'm not hating, heck, I'm not even complaining. I'm just saying. That's all.

I'm just saying.

Full Effect Nerd Boy

I have no idea why I need to show this, probably based on my assumption that no one is actually reading. And also I get to test out the Eyespot Embedding link.

But this is, like, the most embarrassing thing for a dude who is falling rapidly toward 40 to be doing. Or at the very least to be doing, y'know, publicly.

It's okay, you can laugh.

I am a just big nerd and I'm just letting my geek thing fly.


...oh how sad...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Obligatory Apologies To All Concerned

Well. I am bad at keeping up with this.

Funny thing is, I've got some posts sitting in my drafts folder that I never finished.

But clearly, I am bad at keeping up with this.

Let's try and remedy that.