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Sunday, July 29, 2007

In Honor of Nerd Prom Weekend

It's Nerd Prom time.

I'm not sure I even like that name, I kinda do but...

At this point the whole convention is so, mainstream, actually, what with every media entity making major announcements there. It's still a geeky nerd thing, I guess, particularly when you consider that approaching the average citizen on the street with a charmed gleam in your eye and proclaiming real loud: "DUDE, IT'S COMIC-CON!!!" will probably get you pepper sprayed in the eyeballs. I mean, do it to me and I'll be with you and we can do the happy dance of shared geekdom together. But the average citizen, regular guy (or gal) I don't know.

Still, it seems pretty mainstream. I'm not saying that that's bad, or they've sold out or whatever. It is what it is, there's a light and a dark side, a yin and a yang.

Fuck it, I wish I was there. Fuck me for a bag of donuts but don't I wish I was there.

But what I really wanted to say is: I finally got my copy of The Sinestro Summer Fun Time Happiness Special. Thanks to Scipio for the offer,(go and read him, for he is good) my local shop, Casablanca Comics (Hi Rick!) held me a copy when they got their second shipment in (Thanks Rick!)

So I got it. And I read it. And it was Good.

And the last page give me that "Oh Wow!" feeling that I used to get when I was twelve. I love things still get me like that. I especially love when superhero comics make me feel that, it's like, primal, or something.

I read parts two and three too, and they were fine, but they didn't "Oh Wow" me like the Special did. And you know what I miss? Cuter, less alien Kilowog. But that's a small potatoes

So I got that problem solved, which is nice.

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