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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Full Effect Nerd Part Deux

I like superhero comics. Love 'em. (so there, ppphhtt!) And this will probably only make sense to another superhero comic reader. The rest of you, this may sound foreign and strange. But I don't care, the internets is big and I wanna fill my corner of it with my useless crap. (Again, ppphhhttt!)

I really want to read The Sinestro Summer of Love Fun Time Happy Day special. But that sucker is sold out everywhere I look. I got part 2. Don't wanna read it yet, wanna read part 1. I don't got part 1, can't find it anywhere. Wanna read part 2 after I read part 1. So you see my problem, yes? Simple but unsolvable. I'll get it soon, it really only is just a comic book, and I'll live a happy and full life, but still.

It's gotten good reviews, good word of mouth. Particularly from this guy and his friends. Big fan of his and all the blogs he links to. And I have been desperately avoiding all spoilerage while carefully, ever so carefully, poking around the comics blogosphere and podosphere(? is that a word, can we say it is? Wouldn't it be handy?)

Until I accidentally hit this

Well hell.

I'm not hating, heck, I'm not even complaining. I'm just saying. That's all.

I'm just saying.


Scipio said...

We have copies of the Sinestro Corps #1 available at Big Monkey Comics DC (

If you call and pay for postage, I'm certain Devon would be willing to mail it to you.

vidsaw said...

Holy Craptastic! scipio commented on my wee little blog. Dude writes some of the best comics commentary out there.

I have been touched by the gods!