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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring: an Ode.

Spring is a'borning
the melting snow
revealing new life
and also
on the front porch
the remains
of the Halloween pumpkin
we forgot to throw away
last October

Welcome to your Friday

Which of course begs the question: What Would Wang Chung Do? I like to think they would "GO" :

I get a Wang Chung fetish on Fridays, sometimes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Johnny Sokko

And now I'm embedding this:

Who wouldn't want a giant flying robot with Egyptian headdress?

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Pilot

I am embedding the pilot episode of the classic ( Yeah, sure, why not?) 60's sci-fi adventure series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Why am I doing this? No reason, just because I can.

I watched this in reruns as a kid, usually the later seasons which were more fantastical in nature, it became like it's Irwin Allen produced cousin Lost in Space - a silly (but fun for a kid) monster of the week show. But this first year is a bit more grounded, a cold war tinged techno thriller with sci fi overtones.

What do you want? I'm a nerd, this is what I do. Over think the set up of semi obscure 60's teevee shows. Plus: "Eleven Days To Zero" can you get a cooler title than that?

Also, I always liked Basehart and Heddison. Sue me.