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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Pilot

I am embedding the pilot episode of the classic ( Yeah, sure, why not?) 60's sci-fi adventure series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Why am I doing this? No reason, just because I can.

I watched this in reruns as a kid, usually the later seasons which were more fantastical in nature, it became like it's Irwin Allen produced cousin Lost in Space - a silly (but fun for a kid) monster of the week show. But this first year is a bit more grounded, a cold war tinged techno thriller with sci fi overtones.

What do you want? I'm a nerd, this is what I do. Over think the set up of semi obscure 60's teevee shows. Plus: "Eleven Days To Zero" can you get a cooler title than that?

Also, I always liked Basehart and Heddison. Sue me.

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