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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Morning

I wrote this, had in my head for awhile, and I don't like the final result but I'm putting it up here anyway, because...well, I don't know why, just because I can I guess.

I pull the car into the at Daycare, I turn to my son, safely confined in his car seat in the rear. "We're here!" I say. He throws his head back and says "Yeah!' he says and begins rattling off names of the daycare providers and the other children. He is two and has been saying more words every day.

I begin my little "going into daycare" routine. My entire life can be divided and subdivided into little routines and rituals I use to get me through the day, to keep my sanity, to keep me safe. I turn off the engine, pull out the key, reach back and unlock the rear passenger door, unbuckle and get out of the car, before I shut the driver's side door I make sure I have the keys in my hand and the rear door unlocked. I locked my son and my keys in the car once, and I don't want to do it again. I walk around to the rear door, open it and reach into to unbuckle my son. My usual routine is to carry him up the driveway and into daycare, and we stop before going in and look around and name things we see. It's a last special moment with him before work.

"Wanna do it myself!" he says. Determined.

I pull my hands back from him and look at him a moment. "Okay." I say. He has never asked this before.

He looks around, thinks for a moment and scootches his body down, slowly sliding off the edge of the seat. His legs graze the edge of the floor, but can't quite reach it. I move to help him but stop myself. He turns his body away from me and manages to crawl back up into the seat, he looks around again, thinking, planning. He turns on to his knees and backs up to the seat edge. Then he slowly lowers himself to the floor, his feet touch and he slides off the seat and into a standing position.

He looks around again, planning the next move. He has never actually stood in the back of the car before so a little exploring is in order, using the seats to steady himself he walks over the hump to the other side of the car and back. He does this a few times, over the hump and back, over the hump and back.

He comes to the open door, looks down at the ground, over at the door, up at me. He holds his hand up to me. "Help please?" he says. I hold his hand and he hops down from the car. We shut the door and he turns and walks up the driveway.

I follow.


The Batnoggin over there is a little cheesy and imperfect, I know, but it makes me giggle. I did a little foolin' around with the Photoshop Elements over the weekend.('cause i can nots affords the full monty versions of the photoshops, 'cause of the fact that i work in the human services and have none of the monies and must live greatly beyond my means as it is)

What I found is that I really need to learn how to blend and mesh and smooth out differing skin tones. Or something.

Really goofy silly stuff I did make, and I'll be posting it soon for all to see.

Holy Double Chins. Holy Bat-Love-Handles, Holy Fat Crap

Netflixed Up

Merlin Mann made this comment on Twitter:

"AM Merlin" adds lots of films with subtitles to the Netflix; "PM Merlin" wants to see things explode while girls frolic in their underwear

Totally me.

In other news: all my Thanksgivings where delightful and delicious and now my shirts don't fit.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

i'm just this guy, y'know?

So I took this online book quiz.

And it said I was this: WHICH IS THE AWESOME!!

You're The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

by Douglas Adams

Considered by many to be one of the funniest people around, you are
quite an entertainer. You've also traveled to the far reaches of what you deem possible,
often confused and unsure of yourself. Life continues to jostle you around like a marble,
but it's shown you so much of the world that you don't care. Wacky adventures continue to
lie ahead. Your favorite number is 42.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My morning so far...

I'm having some chafing, y'know, down there. And I feel a little gassy.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Do I yank that thing, or snip it?


My morning so far...

I have a nose hair that's really bugging me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Here's an interesting thing, I participated in an online poll to select a Democratic candidate. It was run by Democracy For America. Now we're talking here about an internet based poll run by a prgressive website. So perhaps the results are a bit skewed, but here's some excperts from an email I got yesterday:

The political pundits and beltway Democrats have been claiming that the primaries are already over, but 95% of the votes cast prove they are wrong. Progressive activists want clear positions on Iraq and Iran. They're concerned with the power of special interest money in elections, and they want strait talk on issues such as funding social security and presidential power. DFA members want a Presidential candidate who will fight for progressive values and are looking for the candidates who are committed to changing the way politics is conducted in America.
We've heard from many of the candidates directly over the last three weeks.Senator Barack Obama challenged DFA members to take the country forward in a new direction. Senator John Edwards demanded that as a DFA member himself, it is our time to take action together. Governor Bill Richardson stood up for our brave men and women fighting for our country and pledged to bring every single troop home starting his first day in office. Senator Chris Dodd demanded we stop the Bush administration's abuse of power now and not wait for elections in 2008. But no one worked harder to win your support then Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He made his progressive record on Iraq, universal health care, and the patriot act clear. He didn't just ask for your vote, he worked for the votes of your friends and neighbors. He asked his supporters to join DFA and vote to make sure you heard his message. He shot videos, issued press releases, and met with local DFA leaders and members all over the country to try and get your vote. And it worked.Congressman Kucinich did not get the 66% required to earn the DFA Presidential Endorsement, but he did win our internet poll with an astounding 49,000 votes. Congratulations to Congressman Kucinich for working to win.
Well I'll be. Dennis Kucinich won.
I have no idea if this holds any larger meaning, any coming portent, for the Democratic race, I suspect not. But maybe. Please?
Oh man.

The Greatest Invention In The History of The World

I found this through Twitter, and it was someone else who give it that tittle, but really, can you argue it? No, you cannot, it is fact.

The Greatest Invention in The History of The World.

Civilation can end now, we are done.

My morning so far...

I just made an incredibly unpleasant smelling wet poo.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I are effective?

Dennis Kucinich is my guy, he's the only candidate really saying what I want to hear said and the only one whose voting record I admire and who seems to be doing things I want to see done.

And he talks about peace, with a capital "P." Which is a really good thing to talk about and it shocks me how little we hear the word. Peace people, this should be the goal.

He has put forward a resolution to investigate and impeach Cheney, it was in danger of being tabled, but for now it won't be. I actually used my power as a voter today and called two Maine representatives and encouraged them to vote against tabling it. Apparently there were lots of calls to representatives today. Nice.

I guess we should call them more often, tell them what we want.

Can Dennis please be President? Please???

We've gone too far

Warren Ellis is a supremely talented writer and chronicler of our times. (I have had a beer and am now in Grandiose Mode, contend with it.)

One of his latest articles Broke My Brain.

Seriously. That's some freaking weird shit and once it's in your head, it doesn't leave. My Brain Is Broke.

And America did brake sex. I think he's completely right. In theory I would tend to say that I am pro Porn, but I am anti Porn Industry. But folks other than me have put this better. It's a weird and uncomfortable topic, but it might be important and worth bringing up.

In a comic book Warren Ellis once wrote these words (and I think I'm paraphrasing) :

A finer world is not too small a thing to ask for.

No it isn't, let's have one, shall we?

Super Fella Person


I have been amazingly efficient this evening. I picked up The Dude (well no, not that one), dealt with the a small emotional outburst at Daycare with amazing patience and tranquility, almost textbook parenting I tell ya, went grocery shopping, made a healthy wholesome dinner for The Dude, actually cooked another healthy wholesome dinner for the Wife and I, with a side of sauted fresh vegetables, did the dishes, played in both a silly and constructive way, got The Dude into the tub, and now I blog.

I guess that 4pm cup of coffee really helped push me through the early evening.

Now I'm going to download some more chapters of 7th Son and Earthcore, finish making dinner, read to The Dude, put him to bed, watch an episode of Heroes, maybe edit a little, post on Twitter and The Sword and Laser and collapse.

Wow. I be awesome!