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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Here's an interesting thing, I participated in an online poll to select a Democratic candidate. It was run by Democracy For America. Now we're talking here about an internet based poll run by a prgressive website. So perhaps the results are a bit skewed, but here's some excperts from an email I got yesterday:

The political pundits and beltway Democrats have been claiming that the primaries are already over, but 95% of the votes cast prove they are wrong. Progressive activists want clear positions on Iraq and Iran. They're concerned with the power of special interest money in elections, and they want strait talk on issues such as funding social security and presidential power. DFA members want a Presidential candidate who will fight for progressive values and are looking for the candidates who are committed to changing the way politics is conducted in America.
We've heard from many of the candidates directly over the last three weeks.Senator Barack Obama challenged DFA members to take the country forward in a new direction. Senator John Edwards demanded that as a DFA member himself, it is our time to take action together. Governor Bill Richardson stood up for our brave men and women fighting for our country and pledged to bring every single troop home starting his first day in office. Senator Chris Dodd demanded we stop the Bush administration's abuse of power now and not wait for elections in 2008. But no one worked harder to win your support then Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He made his progressive record on Iraq, universal health care, and the patriot act clear. He didn't just ask for your vote, he worked for the votes of your friends and neighbors. He asked his supporters to join DFA and vote to make sure you heard his message. He shot videos, issued press releases, and met with local DFA leaders and members all over the country to try and get your vote. And it worked.Congressman Kucinich did not get the 66% required to earn the DFA Presidential Endorsement, but he did win our internet poll with an astounding 49,000 votes. Congratulations to Congressman Kucinich for working to win.
Well I'll be. Dennis Kucinich won.
I have no idea if this holds any larger meaning, any coming portent, for the Democratic race, I suspect not. But maybe. Please?
Oh man.

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