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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I are effective?

Dennis Kucinich is my guy, he's the only candidate really saying what I want to hear said and the only one whose voting record I admire and who seems to be doing things I want to see done.

And he talks about peace, with a capital "P." Which is a really good thing to talk about and it shocks me how little we hear the word. Peace people, this should be the goal.

He has put forward a resolution to investigate and impeach Cheney, it was in danger of being tabled, but for now it won't be. I actually used my power as a voter today and called two Maine representatives and encouraged them to vote against tabling it. Apparently there were lots of calls to representatives today. Nice.

I guess we should call them more often, tell them what we want.

Can Dennis please be President? Please???

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