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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pure Joy

Stormtroopers on bass. Imperial Officers playing strings. Chewie on drums.

I am in absolute heaven. This is the greatest moment of my life ever.

I found this on JR Blackwell's blog, so thanks to her and check out her work, it's wonderful.

So apparently this was on MTV a few years ago, but I'm over the legal age limit to watch MTV so I wouldn't have known. As always I'm years late to the party. The party has done got up and left for a much more funky location by the time I arrive with my funny hats and decades out of date references and old man jokes. And if there happen to be a few stragglers left, well, they stare at me: this ancient doddering and drooling oddity attempting to be in the now and the cool and failing in every which way. Stumbling along the dance floor and throwing up on the bar, and they watch me and sadly shake their heads and slowly leave as I lay out of breath collapsed amongst their discarded and cast offs. Pissing on myself to the end.

But fuck it, it's Stormtroopers playing bass.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Potty part two



It was cute. He sat there after dinner and my wife and I were watching as his face made that little straining look. Then he smiled and said "I did it! I peed!"

So awesome.

Maybe you had to be there.

Alexander Courage, R.I.P.

Alexander Courage passed away. He was a film and television composer and you maybe don't know his name, but you surely know his most famous work:

The man wrote that music. Give him a minute of your time.

Better obits than I could ever write can be found here and here.

Goodbye and Thank you.

Totally Insane

I have no idea...

Bathroom Curiousity

So I'm in the bathroom at work. For reasons I will not go into here at this time, this bathroom has the world's largest toilet bowl. It's huge, monstrous. What do you think the brand name is on this bit of plumbing?


Of course it is. I'll maybe post pictures someday. I have a great idea for a short film involving it as a main character but that will probably never happen.

Anywho, I'm in this bathroom. And I see a phone book. There is no phone in this bathroom, but someone had the need to bring in and leave behind a phone book. Which leads to all sorts of thoughts.

Was it as a replacement for toilet paper? Maybe just in case of an emergency?

Reading material? I am very pro bathroom reading, it's conceivable that reading the phone book would be very educational. I may try it.

A booster, perhaps?

Maybe a footrest?

I have a few other vague thoughts,but they're kind of gnarly.

Just a curiosity from my day that I felt like sharing.

I have just now realized that an unhealthy number of my posts revolve around the bathroom and bathroom related activities. Well, it's important and is probably not discussed enough in polite society, I aims to change that.


So I get this piece of spam in my gmail. It is from "lakota" who I'm presuming is a 'bot and not an actual human and I don't open it, but of course I read the subject line. Since these things are made by machines they are these strings of words that kind of but not quite go together. I can be a weird non-sensical type of poetry. (I'm sure someone else far more clever than I has collected and published something like this)

Anyway, here is what it said:

i will loved you ever since next Tuesday

There is something weirdly beautiful in that phrase.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Potty

We have started to use the potty. At daycare we are using the potty fairly regularly. Just for pee, not poop yet. However at home, we are content to sit on the potty, but we haven't gone yet.

Yes. He's reading a comic book. Because he said " I want a book. Daddy's Book."

Like father like son. :)

The Dude at the doctors

The Dude had his three year old check up tonight. His first eye test. His first blood pressure test. No shots. (Yay!)

He was all excited going in, climbing the stairs to the doctors office he said "They are going to be so happy to see me!" In the waiting room he almost dashed in when the nurse came to get a different child for their appointment.

When the nurse came, he marched through the door and towards the exam rooms, leading us.

First weight and height. The Dude has barely grown an inch or gained a pound in a year, which might be a cause for concern, but neither my wife and I are tall, in fact we are a bit on the short side and no one seems concerned about his growth rate.

Next was the eye test. The Dude had never done this before but he took to it with ease. The nurse pointed at an eye chart filled with various shapes and silhouettes of household objects. It was kind of funny because sometimes you got the impression that he could see it fine, but he didn't have the language to say what it was, so he'd guess.

The Dude did great having his blood pressure checked, I kept thinking he'd be scared, but it didn't faze him. In fact, even with the doctor checking his ears and mouth and all the usual stuff, he wasn't fazed by any of it. He did great. Like a big kid.

Keep growing Dude. Keep growing.

feb and March 2008 040

I Like Meatballs

Just because I can, I guess.

Post Memorial Day

I had wanted to post something thoughtful and meaningful for Memorial Day, but I was not going to be able to come up with something as simple and elegant as Wil Wheaton did. So just click on over there.

Chris Sim's Invincible Super Blog had a nice Memorial Day post too. It may seem glib or disrespectful to reference a comic for Memorial Day, but I really do think those two panels say a lot, and I'm sure that the men who made that comic, Bob Kanigher and Joe Kubert, did it out of respect.

Sunday, May 25, 2008



Where is your god now!!!

Actually, that's quite clever work. Totally creepy, but clever. Be sure to click on the picture for the closeup.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let's pick on McCain some more

I mean why not? What is there to lose.

So go here and read this and watch the video and read the rest of the article.

All of this over a question that I don't understand why it is even a question. This is why separation of church and state is important.

Maybe we should try it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Uh-Oh! Politics!

I'm going to bring up politics for a moment and expose my liberal - lefty bias. I'm voting for Obama okay? Back at the beginning I was all for Kucinich, he most represented the world I want my child to grow up in. But sadly, that ended. So I'm going to vote for Obama. It's a blog and it's just my opinion so I'm not going to lay out a dozen complex reasons why I think he will be good for the country.
I'll say this: He gives good talk. And that's not a small thing. And he gives smart talk. And he can be inspiring. I like inspiring.

But what I'm really here to do right now is rip on McCain. Who needs some ripping. At one time I wouldn't have thought so, but he has either lost something that he once had, or he was always full of crap.

So watch this, it's fun!

Okay, I hate to hang a politician on every little thing they say and every sound bite, but...

And I hate to play the Age card, but heres a fun and educational site to check out: Things Younger Than John McCain.

Not deep political thought, just me in the moment.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh Noes!!

This is killing me. Seriously.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thoughts on Sumo

I look at this picture and I think "This will not end well" and I also think "If I were there, I would not be behind him"

I sure hope somebody has a bucket and a mop and a whole lot of hot soapy water.

Randmon Thursdays

I think, if you are a Combat Veteran, you should be exempt from paying taxes. Haven't you done enough?

Sometimes I like to wait to go to the bathroom until I have something really powerful to contribute.

I'm not a cat person. But I have three.

This is funny, although it was probably real painful and scary:

Its not that I don't like my job (I don't) it's that I don't like Working. The whole concept is foul and rude.

My leisure time really interferes with my free time. I may have said that before, but it's still true.

My son is awesome.

So is my wife.

I'm not sure why I am so lucky to have them and they are so unlucky to have me, but what the hell, works out in my favor.

My blog kind of sucks.

I like Ice Cream.

I'm really into reading David Weinberger and thinking about The Tubes (not The Tubes although, y'know, this is always good) but it makes me a little sad because I think I wish I was David Weinberger.

Sometimes I hear people at work talking at work and I think "my god you people are morons" and then I realize they probably do the same thing to me. So basically, my workplace is full of morons.

I wannna buy comics. Waaahhh!!

Someday I want a job that doesn't have anything to do with human poo.

It's good that there is weather.

I like to hang out with my really fat friend, cause he makes me look good.

Dick Gregory approves.

This guy stole my boobs:

I respond a lot to the famous people on Twitter.

And they wisely ignore me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well, who knew?


This is cool, I had no idea this kind of thing happened.


The Mid-Afternoon Standing Snooze:

oh my god I'm fat

Not a new realization

I don't blog enough.


My thoughts on birthdays

But I don't want to get any older.

On the plus side: The Dude sang me a Birthday song and told me he loved me, which is the greatest and most wonderful of gifts I could ever have hoped for or dreamt of. It was so amazing, I don't have the words for it.

And for whipped cream on top of that: I got to see Iron Man last night. It was good. Downey owned it. More please.

And for a cherry on top of that: The wife and I are going out for BBQ tonight. Pulled pork, baked beans, jalepeno cornbread. Om Nom Nom Nom.

Far luckier than I deserve.