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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bathroom Curiousity

So I'm in the bathroom at work. For reasons I will not go into here at this time, this bathroom has the world's largest toilet bowl. It's huge, monstrous. What do you think the brand name is on this bit of plumbing?


Of course it is. I'll maybe post pictures someday. I have a great idea for a short film involving it as a main character but that will probably never happen.

Anywho, I'm in this bathroom. And I see a phone book. There is no phone in this bathroom, but someone had the need to bring in and leave behind a phone book. Which leads to all sorts of thoughts.

Was it as a replacement for toilet paper? Maybe just in case of an emergency?

Reading material? I am very pro bathroom reading, it's conceivable that reading the phone book would be very educational. I may try it.

A booster, perhaps?

Maybe a footrest?

I have a few other vague thoughts,but they're kind of gnarly.

Just a curiosity from my day that I felt like sharing.

I have just now realized that an unhealthy number of my posts revolve around the bathroom and bathroom related activities. Well, it's important and is probably not discussed enough in polite society, I aims to change that.

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