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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pure Joy

Stormtroopers on bass. Imperial Officers playing strings. Chewie on drums.

I am in absolute heaven. This is the greatest moment of my life ever.

I found this on JR Blackwell's blog, so thanks to her and check out her work, it's wonderful.

So apparently this was on MTV a few years ago, but I'm over the legal age limit to watch MTV so I wouldn't have known. As always I'm years late to the party. The party has done got up and left for a much more funky location by the time I arrive with my funny hats and decades out of date references and old man jokes. And if there happen to be a few stragglers left, well, they stare at me: this ancient doddering and drooling oddity attempting to be in the now and the cool and failing in every which way. Stumbling along the dance floor and throwing up on the bar, and they watch me and sadly shake their heads and slowly leave as I lay out of breath collapsed amongst their discarded and cast offs. Pissing on myself to the end.

But fuck it, it's Stormtroopers playing bass.

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