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Monday, February 19, 2007

Again with the grocery store and the yelling...

It felt a bit like yesterday all over again.

There's a new grocery store in town. A big honking Whole Foods Market. So of course we gotta go check it out, because we are consumers and we consume and given a new place to purchase consumable goods we treat it like an actual event and a positive moment in our lives and we go.

And god damn, that store is awesome.

I know, I'm an idiot getting excited about a new store. I know I am. But I've decided I'm going to move in there and never cook my own food again because they can do it for me and better too.

It's crazy busy right now, the parking lot is full and people are parking in those places in the parking lot that aren't really spaces. Like the lanes. We illegally backed up a one way side street to snag a spot. The whole city seems to be there all at once. It makes the aisles a little crowded, but still the place is completely seductive. The own me, they totally own me.

So yeah, here we are in a world chock full of natural beauty and wonder, in a time marked by strife and chaos, and I'm writing and waxing poetic about a grocery store. A store to buy food to feed by already fat self. And it's the second day in a row I've gone to a grocery store. I don't need any more groceries. So yeah, modern western society is an empty soulless beast intent on devouring everything in its path heedless of the consequences and it deserves to be put down, shot, stuffed and mounted on a wall for future generations to look at and wonder at it's folly.

Yeah. I get that.

Still, I'm moving in to that place. They've got a desert bar.

The Dude (well, no, not that one) threw more in an ever growing series of screaming and crying fits today. And I love him more than anything, but damn. He can scream real loud. Dude can't hold his pee, but he sure can have a conniption. He had some needs that could not be fulfilled no matter what we tried. But y'know, it's natural. Eventually he settled for gnawing on an egg bagel, letting me have the occasional bite as I held him and we navigated the crowds.

It's the end of a three day weekend. Gotta go back to work tomorrow. Don't wanna. Wah.

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