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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Which is what every post should be called: KAAAAHHHHNNNN!!. Yes.

I watched some of Star Trek II this morning, while I was balancing the checkbook and paying the bills. Although I never did get to the paying the bills part, things came up and got in the way. Things often come up and get in the way of paying the bills, it's a universal constant. I figured since I would be engaging in painful economic activities, I would temper it with some Star Trek.

A spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down, you know.

As you can see by my Bitsrip posted below, I was alone in the house this am, which helped to make the Star Trek portion of my morning possible. Easy to indulge in my full on Nerd tendencies if no one is around, and I don't particularly want to force it on people.

Star Trek II is good. Real damn good. American Cinema Classic good. At least that's what Alexandra DuPont said, and I agree with her ( I can't find a link for her reveiw, but read any of her stuff, a fine critic she be.). The problem is, being a died in the wool old school Trekie fanboy, it may be hard for me to judge it objectively. So consider this subjective: Is really good, it's well written ( there are countless lines of dialog that re verb with what I can only call "Ultimate Awesomeness" ) thematically it's very tight and every seen supports its themes well and (your gonna hate this) well acted. No, really it is.

Also? It's kickass.

By what really shocked me was that The Movie is over 25 goddamn years old.

Say what?

It was made in 1982. I work people who weren't born in 1982. When I was a younger man and worked in video stores movies that were over 25 years old where put in the Classics section (No one ever went to the classics section, videos went there to die, there were good movies there, I tried to get them some life, tried to get people to see them, god help me I tried. Most of them weren't even in color. I never saved a single patient. I don't like to think about those days. Too painful.)

Jesus Christ, 25 years ago we listened to records and tapes. Records and tapes, people!

I am an old coot, is what this all comes down to. I am an old coot.

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