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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Parts is Parts

The Dude is into body parts these days. In particular he is fascinated by the body parts we normally cover up. Very fond of saying Penis. Also very fond of saying Scrotum.

Apparently we taught him that.

Which is good, we don't want him to be weird about his body, it's not taboo, it's his parts. But it is funny when he is standing in front of the mirror, bopping up and down, holding his lil' thang and singing "penis penis penis penis" and then lifting it up and singing "scrotuuum." I'd have video, but it all just happened so fast.

He kind of swallows his "S's" so it comes out more like "crotum" and penis is sorta like "penith." (BTW: the spell checker is going nutty with the red lines right now. Spell checker is not happy with "penith.")

The Dude will sometimes want to see his penis. Badly. Like having a little fit because he needs to see his penis and scrotum RIGHT NOW badly. This only happens when we're changing or dressing him, so the opportunity is there. It's not as though he throws himself down in the middle of the mall or the grocery store and screams "I NEED TO SEE MY s'CROTUM!!"

Although, if I were in the right frame of mind, that would be kind of awesome.

Of course, The Dude is not only interested in his parts. He is also intrigued by his mother's parts. Especially the parts that are different from his parts. He asks lots of questions. Which leads to exchanges like this:

"Mommy, is that your penis?"

"Well sort of, it's my vagina, it's like a penis, but, ummm, inside out. "

With a look that spoke of knew understanding of the universe and his place in it he said: "Oh...vagina-penis!!"

Close enough.

One morning, he sat on my wife's lap.

"Mommy, I love you." he said.

"Thank You honey."

"And I love your angina too."


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