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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Music Social Network sites confuses the hell out of me. Maybe it's because I am refusing to download their software and I'm only willing to use it as a web app. Sure I can find songs and artists that I like, and I guess I can add them to my play list, except sometimes doesn't have the song, but I can still add it to my playlist, and then...what??

What I want to be able to do, without really thinking about it, is go there and say "Play me all the Louis Prima songs you have." There's probably a way to do it, I want, need it to be just that easy. Click, click play. I'm not asking to own them, just streaming is fine.

I'm sure there is something fundamental here that I'm missing.

Now, a music site that I really do like, but would not appeal to everybody is thesixtyone. This site is for independent, unsigned(??) musicians and some folks who are just regular people like you and me. (heh.) The site is dead simple to use and understand, and has a fun points and reward system that is actually more addictive the more you use it.

And the folks who designed made the genius move of allowing you to play a song or three and still move around and do stuff on other parts of the site. Sounds simply, but that's a big plus for me.

Anyway, check it out, there's all kinds of fun cool stuff that you will never, never ever hear anywhere else. Some of it you can even download for free.

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