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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The way I use the web, lately

My default way of using the web, the tubes, the internets, has changed slightly in the past few months. I now, as a rule, have a minimum of about a dozen tabs I keep open at all times, with every social network and feed site going, plus my mail and maybe google docs, and at least one video sharing site ready to grab a quick and boring Web Cam O' The Mundane, or whatever. Seesmic, Friendfeed, Twitter, Socialthing, delicious, Viddler, Pownce, Blogger, Google Reader. And on and on. A blank tab ready to go for quick lookups on wikipedia or imdb. And twitlive, if that's happening. Or ijustine.

This does not make me unique in the world of the digerati, in fact compared to that world it makes me pretty much a peon. A n00b. They've been at this for years and usually have several machines running at once.

But in the world I travel in day to day: no one I know lives like this, and few understand why it's attractive. I'm not sure I understand why it's attractive, but it is. Maybe it's just the growing social need to be connected to all things at all times. Maybe it's just having the digital distractions cranked up to eleven. Maybe that's all the same thing.

Healthy? Unhealthy? An aberration or a growing change in how society functions? I don't know, and I'm not really going to judge, or (apart from this post) over think it.

Just a change I noted in the way I interact with my own personal digital world. Note updated links at right, please.

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