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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 5


We went and visited the aunts today. Visiting the aunts involves a long drive through a semi rural area. The trees hung heavy with frosted limbs of snow, ice covered bushes twinkled in the sun like fine cut crystal. It was pretty and cool and nice.

Most music you hear on the radio sucks. except the rockabilly, that's always fun.

I'm at the grocery store, picking out apples, standing next to an older gentleman wearing a hat. A nice hat, he looked cool. He was having trouble opening those little plastic bags they give you for produce at the grocery store. Sometimes you can't get them open, you know? I offered to help him, but then he managed it. I miss guys wearing hats. Not ball caps or any of that, but real hats. We could all look so cool and civilized.

The Dude was really great while we were visiting the aunts, he was great all day. Until we got home.

I saw a picture of Audrey Hepburn on the cover of a magazine and was immediately drawn to look at it, like my body was taken over and moved without conscious thought. She is quite possibly the most beautiful human being that's ever been. And she was talented and seemed to be a decent and good person on top of that. We should hate her, but we don't. Which is maybe a hopeful sign for us all.

I saw Dennis Kucinich on Bill Moyer's Journal last night. It was great but it also pained me. Everything he said seemed so intelligent and clear and lacking in hyperbole. Every position he has seems to line up perfectly with my beliefs and my feelings about the country and how the government should be run. He even quoted a bit from the FCC act of 1934, saying that the airwaves belong to the people and television networks are supposed to act for the people's benefit. And he was talking about abolishing for profit health insurance. Damn. I swear ever time I hear him speak I want to give him a big hug and thank him.

I wish he could be President, but I'm afraid he won't be, and if he was, I'm afraid they'd shoot him.

I heard some John Fogerty today. John Fogerty is good.

I also heard some Gary Numan. Which was cool and good in a whole different way. Reminded me of the days when the Yamha DX 7 was the sound of the future. Hey! turns out he's still around and touring.

The Dude is buck naked, except for socks, and is running rampant throughout the house, screaming and laughing and doing gymnastics on the couch.

I'm gonna go have a BBQ burger and some sweet potato fries from Silly's. Mmmmmm...sweet potato fries.

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